Imagine a stay at home mom caring for her six year old daughter.  Taking her to school, to church to soccer and flying with her in the family jet to their summer home on Nantucket Island.

Then imagine the mom awakening one morning to no utilities, no telephone, no bank account, her car repossessed and her million dollar home being sold on the courthouse steps.

And picture this tortured existence being orchestrated by the husband and encouraged by a Divorce Court Judge.

You’ll step into Judge’s Courtroom, listen in on deposition sessions, on telephone calls.  Read email from the Judge, from the Husband, the Wife, the Lawyers.

Read the final Divorce Decree. You’ll feel what it’s like to be bullied by a Judge who will not stop until the wife is homeless, penniless and left owing over a million dollars. Read all about it. Read how it’s done.

It CAN happen.  It DID happen.  Take CARE  it doesn’t happen to you.

Divorce No Law, No Order.  It’s not about Law, Justice and the American Way.  Or is it?

Divorce No Law, No Order is a fast-paced legal thriller about the ways  male power and not justice rules the law.  You will not be able to put this book down.  Its story is unbelievable, yet a stark, truthful depiction of what can happen in a divorce when power and ignorance hold sway. The author has written a revealing, masterful account of the legal system at its worst.

Claudia Bepko

Author, Too Good for Her Own Good

Listen in on the Judge and the Husband.

      That day they were discussing how much notice Harry had to give to Taylor before he sold more property without telling her or informing the court. But whatever happened to the court order that said clearly NO property could be sold? Period. End of story. It was an order of the court!

Harry: “Your honor, what I would suggest is this. If it’s a notice to the other party in the form we’ve talked about with redacted documents, I would think two weeks’ notice would be more than ample time.  And then my only concern would be she may file a TRO in another jurisdiction.” Again, Harry using lawyer lingo wishing he was one of them––Temporary Restraining Order.

Court: “I don’t disagree with that.”

Harry: “And if your honor is comfortable with that …”

Court: “I understand real estate closings. It’s been some time since I’ve practiced law but I understand many times closing documents aren’t prepared until the day of the closing but….”

Harry: “I’ll defer to your honor’s judgment. My biggest fear is that the Plaintiff not engage in contact with any of the parties that are involved in any of my business transactions.”

Court: “That’s my intent.”

Harry: “Thank you your honor.”

Leslie:  “BUT  your Honor, where’s my remedy? If I file a motion with the court and I’m not heard for six or eight weeks, he’s disposed of the asset and we’re back chasing after him and we’re always then one step behind.”

Jesse thought, it’s difficult to tell who’s wearing the robe. This Judge just wants to go dancing with Harry. Clearly they’ve done the male bonding ritual.

4.0 out of 5 stars An Incredible Story!,November 10, 2012

I have always been a cynic about the legal system in this country, but when I read this book, I began to question whether there is any kind of justice to be had at all in our system. Particularly for women and by extension their children. This is a quick read so I won’t go into the story itself, but just know that you are in for a real eye-opening experience. Andrea Lynne is a former TV news person and writes with the immediacy of one reporting the news. And what news it is. Apparently based on actual events, the story of this divorce will simply amaze you. How does a man worth millions of dollars get away with paying his ex-wife nothing and even escaping child support so that she ends up virtually homeless and penniless save for the rescue of her loyal and loving family? Somehow, with a complicit judge and many other players who never hold him accountable, this man believes he is above the law and simply does what he wants — and gets away with it! Anyone who loves quick paced reads and good legal stories will love this book. Andrea Lynne has also done women a great favor by exposing some of the hard truths about the still existing “old boys club” in our legal system. All women should read this book and they should beware! And men who have any sense of justice should read it and wonder what they can do to help change the system! I will look for more of this author’s work — she is a compelling writer!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Divorce No Law No Order November 24, 2012

By T. Flowers

Format:Kindle Edition| Amazon Verified Purchase

Andrea Lynne’s insightful and instructive book “Divorce No Law No Order” leads the reader through a tragically convoluted legal morass. A loving family bowed but not broken by a decidedly evil person with absolutely no moral compass, bent on the destruction of human lives. Lady Justice has been depicted with a blindfold since the 15th century. Andrea Lynne demonstates in a masterful way that “The Lady” can also be deaf, dumb, self-serving, and downright ignorant in our modern day legal system. Read “Divorce No Law No Order” and decide for yourself.


  DishearteningDecember 13, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a must read for any woman facing divorce, whether as the plaintiff or defendant. As an attorney it is disheartening to realize the law still penalizes women in the justice system. What this husband got away with is absolutely criminal, and the fact the judge was complicit even makes the facts worse. This book will help prepare for possible outcomes in this unpredictable legal field.